IMG_8973 Oh our precious Parker Pie!!!  What in the world would we do without her!  She is the light of our lives and has brought so much color into our world, it is amazing!  She blessed us with her presence on 12/7/12, and our lives have forever changed for the absolute better.

She was our miracle baby and a most certain gift from God, for it is by his Grace and Love that we are blessed with her.

I explained about our issues with conceiving her in my ‘Infertile’ Blog.  However, there was much more to it……Trent and I had been married and wanted a family.  Once we started trying and nothing happened after a year, I began doubting.  We had everything checked and all was good, so there was no medical explanation.  It was just not happening.  I got so beat down that I was under the impression that I would never have a child of my own.  It was a very lonely time and I had many emotions from A to Z.  I worried about Trent, he deserved a child of his own.  I felt inadequate.

Then….I started fighting all those feelings….They weren’t coming from God for sure.  I decided to stop feeling all of that and start believing!  We decided to go to our Pastor and have him pray over us and with us, and we also had loved ones praying and believing in the word of God for us.  One of my Uncles actually said….Okay, it’s done, you’ll  have a baby by Christmas!  Wow, that was huge!  (he also prayed for us before our Quad Pregnancy and stated the same thing…..that we’d have another baby by Christmas 2015…he just forgot to mention there would be 4 of them, haha)  But, I just thought…how powerful!!! Why have I been so shamed and broken….I was so down that I had to let it all go and give it all to God, and it was then that he blessed us with our first positive pregnancy test.   I went outside that early morning and fell to my knees under the sky!  God had not forsaken me…..he wanted to bless me all along I just wasn’t letting him.

It was a wonderful pregnancy and a smooth delivery for us to see our precious angel!  The day she was born became the best day of my life.  We are a family now!













And then she grew into a beautiful little ray of sunshine, and we thank God every single day for her!  I know she’ll be the best big sister ever!


IMG_6989 IMG_6979 IMG_0698 IMG_0440 IMG_0052 close with saddle and slobber IMG_2322 IMG_2035 IMG_2288 IMG_2492 IMG_2380 IMG_1858 IMG_1928 IMG_1930 IMG_1173 IMG_3623 IMG_8157 IMG_3941 IMG_3715 IMG_4018 IMG_1524 IMG_4095 IMG_1494 IMG_4814 IMG_5120 IMG_4889 IMG_2338 IMG_2028 IMG_5248 IMG_5264 IMG_2339 IMG_2356 IMG_2366 IMG_2422 IMG_2443 IMG_5389 IMG_3173 IMG_5966 IMG_6838 IMG_6817 IMG_3375 close up bw daddy kiss IMG_5961 mommy and baby close parker sandwich IMG_3288 IMG_6293 IMG_3715 IMG_3799 IMG_4071 IMG_6926 IMG_4371 IMG_7188 IMG_7255 IMG_4683 IMG_4744 IMG_4823 IMG_4830 IMG_7357 IMG_7425 IMG_7474 IMG_7560 IMG_7690 IMG_4937 IMG_5255 IMG_5575 IMG_5553 IMG_5543 IMG_5535 IMG_7866 IMG_5610 IMG_5637 IMG_5680 - Copy IMG_5769 IMG_5976 IMG_8093 IMG_8170



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