Quadruplet Pregnancy WK 27!!!


27 wksNot quite sure where to start about this week.   It’s been a crazy week!   As I reflect on it and prepare for next week, I just am still so thankful that my babies are still protected and growing!  Thank God!

Monday we had our appointment with my local Doc.  I had a pretty active weekend the weekend before, or as active as you can be with a heap of babies in your belly and your back feeling like it’s about to snap in two.  But, the weekends are generally a little more active since Parker is here running around and I am up or trying to sit outside or in living room with her so I can see and hear her sweet face and voice!  I’m soaking up as much of that now that I can, and that is what I have to do until I am just physically not able to anymore or physically not here to see her anymore.  She keeps me going, and keeps me going for theses babies!

Anyway, Sunday night I experienced extreme cramping….what felt like labor pains, which alarmed me.  I felt as though I was laboring and recalled the feeling I had when I delivered Parker.  It felt much like when I was dilating from 3 to 4 cm….. I remember that specifically.   So….we went in for appointment Monday morning and I told my doctor that and sure enough I am dilated to 3cm!   My cervix is shorter too, about 2cm.  So….this is not ideal, but with all the contracting I’ve been having it makes sense I guess.  Again, I am not consistently contracting and none of my 4 babies ‘waters’ has broke so I’m not in preterm labor… my body just is getting ready and for how long we don’t know.  Anyway, she instructed us to come back again Tuesday morning for a check.  Tuesday comes and no change, and I am set to be seen again on Thursday.  Well…Wednesday all day, I experienced rhythmic contractions that were coming every 15 min starting about 10AM to about 3 when we called my Doc.  She had me come in right away and checked me out….. still no change….which is great!  But, we were still uneasy about things and Trent reached out to our specialist in Temple.  He explained my situation and my doc there advised us to come in so I could get the steroid shots that are critical for my babies lungs in the event that I had an emergency delivery.   So we headed that way on Wednesday night, and a good thing was that my contractions of course started to slow back down and the time between them lengthened back out.  This made us feel better, but we still needed to go in to get the critical steroids for the babies.  (These steroid shots can last 2 weeks- and they can administer them again if needed)

Once at the hospital, they checked the babies and all were doing amazing!  Such little amazing individuals!  I got my first round of shots and then settled in for the night.  Trent of course had to come home to take care of things here, feed horses, take Parker to her school on Thursday…etc.    And on Thursday…. The doctors and nurses were so amazing.  I shared with them all my concerns, mainly my heart that gives me fits about breathing and such.  (want to make sure the babies are getting  enough oxygen)  They checked me over thoroughly….I had many tests run for my breathing and for any other complications that could occur with a high risk pregnancy.    After all results came back…. I show to be healthy as an Ox!  There’s no explanation on my breathing or heart rate fits, but my heart looked very healthy, and doc said that it was just the pregnancy that was being tough on me, but my body was handling it well!  Amen to that!   It was just a weight lifted to know that I am doing all I can, and I thank God that my body has held up for my babies!  Of all the other Quad moms I have been in touch  with or read about, there are just so many complications….and I have been, or moreso, my babies have been blessed to not have to deal with.    Also while there my contractions were very minimal!  They continued to check the babies and all continued to show off their strength!  And I have made no changes in my dilation or cervix.  So, we are doing really well!

I was told I could go home on Friday and so I did.  We enjoyed a weekend of celebrating our great nation, and are so thankful for the freedoms we enjoy that so many fought and lost lives over.  GOD BLESS AMERICA!


Now my Parker has gone to my sisters for the week….I miss her so much already.  They have a super fun week planned full of swimming, slip ‘n slides, and zoo going.   I know Parker will have a blast and am so thankful my sister could take her and let her be a kid and enjoy some summer fun that Trent and I just couldn’t do for her.

We go back to Temple to specialist tomorrow, Monday to measure all babies and to check my cervix and dilation.  I’m so anxious to know what these babies weigh now…..I can certainly tell they have grown in the last 3 weeks!

We continue to be thankful and grateful for all your prayers and thoughts….Please know that!  And we thank God everyday for our progress and our health!

So…..all is well, and has been……????  Ummmm….This next part I would like to just get out there and to document so I can remember what this was like or to help another Quad Momma who is trying to compare what she is going through.  But first TMI Alert!

When I left the hospital on Friday I had already been having issues with a tiny hemorrhoid that I had… it was just an annoying little thing.  But now….It has decide to wage war on me….It completely Quadrupled in size and has been bleeding.  I tell you that by the time I got home Friday night and all weekend long..I have been in total agony!   It has been the most painful thing I’ve experienced in my life.  Worse than the labor pains I felt with Parker….(I ended up with an epidural, but before I had that)  I literally have been physically ill from the pain of it and have almost felt like passing out a few times.  I read and learned it has to be a thrombosed hemorrhoid.   I certainly considered going to the ER a few times but hung with it.  I will have the doctor look at it tomorrow.  Not sure if there’s anything that can be done,  I pray there is though because even though everything checks out and all seems fine with me and my 4 angels…..This is not easy, even though I am smiling in the pictures, it’s a fight everyday, and I sure don’t want to have to have this pain for the duration of this pregnancy while I’m trying to focus on my 4 babies.


Next Milestone is 28 weeks!   Let’s do this!!! 


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  1. Karen

    I only had one baby at a time, but I had that feeling of not being able to breathe, also. My doc told me (and this was 33 years ago!) that as the baby grew, it was expanding upward and was crowding/pressing on my diaphragm, which made it much harder for me to get my breath. You are awesome for taking such good care of yourself (and your babies!!). Hope they are able to stay “inside” for a while longer so they can get big!!

  2. Karen Palmer

    Hi Niki—I’m just amazed & happy to read your blogs! Trent’s mom is my “double first cousin.” (Just in case you wonder who I am.) I’ve been praying for you & your precious family every day! And I’m so excited every time you post to read all about your experiences. You’re really a great writer, & I admire how you’re handling all of this & how you can write about it, too!! Truly a gift in all respects. You must have been in great physical condition to begin with to make it so far with so few complications. A good testament to being a horse person!!! Anyway, keep up the good work…I can’t wait to meet all the little cowboys & cowgirl! Please tell Trent we love y’all & are pulling for you from Kirbyville, TX!

  3. Debbie Gallaway

    There are steroid creams for your hemorrhoid. My mom had them and believe me I’ve seen her suffer. The weight of the babies and you being on your feet back and forth to dr appts doesn’t help. You might ask for some lidocaine patches…at least that would deaden the pain. Hang in there. You’re my little hero. Love y’all.

  4. Karen Phieler

    Wow Niki! What a blessing to make it to 27 weeks! I am sending you something that I found for your “TMI” condition. I have had them for a REALLY long time and I finally had to have surgery because it just got so bad I couldn’t take it anymore. Yours will definitely shrink after your babies get here but in the meantime, I know what misery you are going through. What I have is just a calming cream, nothing to make them go away, but it helps immensley. Tell Trent that I am sending it to his office and it will be there tomorrow. Another tip, empty a squirt bottle (dish washing liquid) and put warm water in it and use it like a hand held beday. Use sensitive skin baby wipes instead of toilet tissue. Makes a WORLD of difference. Still praying for you and yours! I’ll be down your way next week and I will check in on you to see how your doing. Take care….

  5. Vickie Thomas

    Your progress is so fantastic…a true answer to prayers! You are doing awesome!! Bet the doc can help with the annoying H issues so you can be more comfortable. Praying that you will ALL have a good week!

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