Weeks 14 and 15


15 week pic

I think about all the same is going on in these weeks as previous.  I was just getting bigger by the day (not sure what happened to my 14 week photo)…..And, oh yes….The horrid sinus crud returned to visit me!   So here I go with my 3rd sinus infection in the past 2 months!  Goodness!  I was back to having a tough time eating, drinking, breathing, and brushing my teeth 🙂    I did finally go to doc and it showed to be an infection so I got an antibiotic and that helped tons.  And the Babies are all doing great!

It was also Easter weekend on April 4th, so we had a good time going to a Church egg hunt and coloring eggs at the house.  Parker I think hunted eggs about 32 times that day, she kept having her Daddy hide them for her to hunt again, and again, and again.  IMG_8983 IMG_8992 IMG_8989 IMG_8986 IMG_9030 IMG_9025