Quadruplet Pregnancy WK 23!


23 weeks  23 weeks!!! Whoo-hoo!  I gained 1lb this week, so up 31 lbs total!  We also have measured my belly and it is 42 1/2 in around.  We measured 3 weeks ago and it was 39 3/4 in.  So I’ve grown almost 3 full inches round-er in the last 3 weeks!  So exciting….LOL….Sounds really funny, NEVER have I been happy to grow round-er!!!  But my reward for all of this will be and already is more than I could ever ask for!  I have 4 precious little angels kicking around in my tummy…..Wow, what an experience!  I just cannot fathom the amount of feelings I have that come with thinking about the 4 lives inside of me, making me have 5 heartbeats in my one body…just inconceivable!  Again, the feeling of blessed is just to say the least.

Anyway, we had another local doctor appointment this week to check my cervix for changes.  It now measures 3.5cm.  A little shorter than last week, but we are still going very well.   I show no signs of preterm labor!  Thank the Good Lord!!!!  I’m not sure if I shared this before, but we absolutely have to make it to 24 full weeks.  This is the viability milestone for our babies!  And, statistically we have been told that at 24 weeks if born, they have a 75% chance of survival on their own.   It jumps to 90% at 28 weeks and even more every week after that!  Our goal is 32 weeks, which is August 7th!  We just pray my body hangs in there and stretches and grows so our angels can grow.  My doctors have expressed that these last few weeks and the next 5 or so weeks are critical.  There are things they can do to help prolong my delivery but once my body, my uterus actually, decides it is to term and done, it will try and push these babies out.   Prayers that it won’t!!!

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  1. Effie

    Niki, you’re such a brave, strong person. Wow! I cannot imagine what you are going through. This is such a blessing. I will continue to pray for your good health and your family. Take Care of yourself and that cute girl of yours!

    1. Post

      Effie, That means so much to me and to us, I appreciate your prayers so much. You are a sweetheart! I am so thankful for Facebook to get to see others, to get to see you on here and stay in touch.

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