Quad Pregnancy Wk 18 – Overwhelmed with Gratefulness


18 wks

This week I had been catching up on my rest from the baby shower.  My wonderful Mom AKA: Nana was still here and helping lots with me and watching Parker on the days she didn’t go to her mommy’s day out.   I had an appointment with my regular OB Doc in College Station and all babies look great!  We tried to get her to tell the genders but those little rascals were wriggling around and being little acrobats in there, it was just no use.  Not to worry because we have our anatomy appointment in Temple with our Multiples Specialist next week on May 5th!  So soon enough we will know!

I need to take time to really express our thankfulness for all the loved ones, family and friends that have just amazed us with thoughtfulness.  My Mom has just been right by my side this whole time….It really was a blessing to have her here and help while I was so sick.   Our Family’s, Wow…we are so blessed by them, they are not close geographically but still have extended lots of help and prayers.  Our friends, we have had a gazillion offers to help in many ways.  I have super friends that have offered to come get Parker and take her to play somewhere ( because if it is just me and Parker…we don’t do much, too much Disney Jr. Channel for her for sure)  and a friend that has gone grocery shopping for us (Trent has handled everything but to give him a break from going at midnight after he works)  And a friend that has brought us a meal a week since I can’t remember when.  We also have had strangers, friends of friends, offer up baby items.  Things they gave to us for free when I know with certainty that they could have been sold in a garage sale or something.   And these are only a few of the examples…there’s tons more!

It is just overwhelming the amount of help and support and PRAYERS we have received.  Trent and I can never thank you all enough or express our gratitude enough to all of you.   Your kindness and selflessness and PRAYERS will never ever be forgot!



Parker and her Nana

All of that being said…. I also wanted to document my last visit to Walmart this week…. I just can’t walk very far!  I may look like I’m just 7 months pregnant with one child and can scoot around ok ( which I did with Parker)….But, let me tell you the amount of pressure from having 4 Babies in my tummy, all of my ligaments are 4 times as sore and it is painful to walk and even sit, plus Babies A and B are further down and press on my legs when I sit.   Walking is a chore too because I fell like I’ll pass out with my heart fluttering and arms going numb and completely out of breathe. (all of which the doctors say is normal with a multiples pregnancy due to all the extra hormones and extra blood volume, which increases by 50% for a singleton Pregnancy but by about 80% total for a Quad Pregnancy )  And I have to take care of myself so I am taking care of these 4 precious Angels!!!

Anyway,  Here’s me in the little cart driving my way around Walmart..It worked great and I surely appreciated being able to use it.  I only knocked a few items off the shelf while I turned around a few times.  You have to kind of swing wide in those things…like you’re pulling a trailer…it took me a bit, but I got it down.






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