Quad Pregnancy Week 17 – The Pride Tribe Baby Shower!


First an update on my progress, It’s getting pretty hard to get around, but I’m hanging in there with these babies!  I am constantly out of breathe and feel like passing out sometimes.  Lots of heart fluttering, and I also started to feel very small contractions or Braxton Hicks.  This alarmed me at first but I went in to get it checked and all was well with the babies – and as long as the babies are fine, We are fine!!!

So……with that being said, we had an eventful weekend of family and friends!  It was the weekend of the Pride Tribe Quadruplet Baby Shower!  My wonderful beautiful sister and a few cousins and friends, who are also all wonderful and beautiful, hosted the most awesome shower ever!!!

It was a beautiful day!  And I want to thank all the family and friends that came and that were there in spirit as well.  Trent and I are again blown away by the love that others are showing for us!  We had a great day and I’m pretty sure Parker had fun too.  One of the Hosts brought Parker a little crib with 4 babies in it, she loved it!  And then while on Daddy’s watch….she decided to get in the pool with her clothes on to cool off from the hot day, LOL!   After all was done, I was super pooped, whew….. but it was a day I’ll remember forever!

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  1. Christie Couch

    Hi there,

    I am the underwriter for Trent and the College Station Branch with FCLS. I ask Nicole all the time about you and she sent me this blog. I would love to follow the progress of you and these sweet angels. My thoughts and prayers are with your sweet family all the time! Take care and I hope one day to meet you and all these sweet babies!!

    1. Post

      Hi Christie! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, and I would love to meet you one day as well! I appreciate everyone that works there with Trent and has hands in closing his loans! I know Trent appreciates it too!

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