Quad Pregnancy Week 16


16 wksNot much going on this week, besides that although it might not look like it, it is getting hard to get around already, seems crazy to me…but I tell you everything is magnified with this pregnancy…all the stretching, youch, I think too because I have grown so fast!  I mean I’m like 4 months and I seems like I’m 8 months.  Anyway ….  Trent certainly has noticed this and has said he would start working from home the first of May.  I was still taking and picking up Parker from her school 2 days a week and running some errands, but it was getting harder and harder by the day.  So we planned to do that!  And my Mom was coming to visit soon and I was oh so looking forward to that, she could help so much with Parker and I!

Anyway, Here’s a pic of my Quad Bump.    Also, Trent’s wonderful cousin came to take ‘maternity’ pics for us on our land and they turned out cute.  I am glad I took them this early too because it is just overrated nowadays to fix my makeup and my hair and wear anything other than shorts and a big t-shirt.  🙂  Well and Trent is now dressing and doing Parker’s hair most days…..and well….he’s trying his best…..she’s still a cutie!  Oh, and I’m also all well!!!  No more sickness or sinus crud!  PTL!!!  IMG_9192


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