We got busy! This one’s long and probably boring..sorry

           So, after we found out we were having Quads, we immediately got busy!  We are currently living in our 2 bedroom Barndominium on our land that we bought and cleared and improved all on our own.  Trent did most of all the hard labor, with a little of my help.  But we really need at least one more room to put the babies in.  So we started a plan to expand and add on.

A little background info, or maybe a lot, lol:  After we married we moved out of town about 35 to 40 min away.  We had the most awesome starter house, it was so darling!  3 bedroom, nice porch, everything in it had been remodeled.  And, we had 12 acres and were able to have our horses with us.  It was a retreat and we loved it!  We worked together as well, I was Trent’s assistant and loved it.  We would drive to town together lots,  and it worked well.  Then we were blessed with Parker and decided that I would stay at home with her until we could put her in daycare at 18 months.  I only knew of 1 place that I trusted to send my infant to, and with the gas and time driving there and the cost of the care, it would eat up  my paycheck, so there I was, a stay-at-home mom.  Then soon we found out that Parker and I never ever saw Trent.  He would wake and leave before she would be up for the day and he would come home after she was in bed, and me too most of the time.  His hours are very long and with the drive it just added to it.   It was hard not seeing him and hard that Parker didn’t know her daddy.  So….we bit the bullet and decided to sell.  We imagined it would take 6 months or a year to sell, but no….we had an offer in a matter of a few months.  So we began looking for places closer to Trent’s work.   Anything with any kind of acreage was few and far between and we just couldn’t find anything in time.  So, we purchased a house in town while we would look for land and plan to build.  And, that is what we did.   Country moved to town.  We took most of our horses to my mother-in-law’s (much thanks to her for feeding them morning and night for a year!) and Trent boarded his roping horse in College Station.

It was actually very different being in town, but I enjoyed being super close to the grocery store and I took Parker for walks/jogs and we would go to the park.  I also had to walk our two Australian Shepherds so they wouldn’t just lay up and turn into butterballs, so I would put each on a leash and wrap them tight in one hand while I steered the jogging stroller in the other and away we went.  I certainly had a handful with all of them, especially if the girls (dogs) saw a squirrel….whew!  Anyway, being in town was an adventure in its own, and I’m sure the neighborhood thought country sure came to town when Trent would pull through or park with his cattle trailer.



Yummy Picnic!


No Puppy…..that’s my lunch!

Then we finally found some land that would work, 17 acres!  It was completely wooded and unimproved, but we are young and we could do it!  Like I said, Trent worked his rear end off…..nothing new there since he’s the hardest working man ever have I known.   We ran our own electrical and water lines and Trent contracted the building out.   We would have weekends that we would spend out there, I would take a sack lunch for us and we’d picnic, then we’d set Parker in Trent’s truck for her nap and let it run while I hooked up a monitor to hear her when she woke, and I in the meantime could help some with digging water lines or something.  We had a process down!


Parker and the girls helping daddy


Having sweet dreams!



Soooo….we had rented our house out in town and the rain had delayed our building process. Hmmmm…no where to move to….so we hustled and bought a travel trailer.  That was fun until it wasn’t anymore, LOL!   We lived in it for almost 7 weeks and then were able to move into our Barndominium!    Yay!  Finally!!!

Anyway…..back to my initial point of us getting busy……our original plan was to live in the 2 bedroom Barndominium until we had another baby and could put it in daycare at 18 months and I could go back to work, then we would build my dream home, and could use the Barndo as a guest house or for our mother’s.  What a plan it was….except it went immediately out the window when we found out about our 4 miracles coming.  So, adding on to our Barndo is the path of least resistance and the most financially feasible.

Okay…done with all of that about the house situation.  (although I could go on and on about how we did try to sell and my preggo self was constantly cleaning, and we had my mom and Trent’s mom visit some and put them on air mattresses by the front door and had to put the mattress up to show the house then get it back out again for them to sleep on when they were here….and look for new houses that already had room for 5 kids.  The emotional up and down of all of that was tough.  I feel like we weren’t able to just sit and plan for these babies….like we were just constantly going this way and that way with things.  Offers came in then they would back out, other’s were negotiating, meanwhile we’re thinking of new places and having to think of school zones and whew…I’m glad it’s over)  So….for reals this time I’m done with all of that….We are here and staying and will have plenty of acreage and an arena for all our children to grow up with horses and rodeo or do anything ag related if they so choose to do.  We have the room to do it…..At least the room outside…. Still waiting to have one room added on. So the nursery will probably not be ready until these babies are here and growing in the NICU!   This stresses me a little….but I’ve accepted it and it will get done!


Test Driving Cargo Van

We also had to think about transportation.  I will need a different vehicle that holds all 5 of them.  Looking for a  vehicle that will comfortably hold 5 car seats is difficult and the options are small.  Trust me, we tried the Suburban…nope, grrrrr…that was a sad moment for me.   And minivans were not going to work either.  So a high passenger van it would have to be!  Here’s a pic of us test driving a Chevrolet cargo van because they don’t keep the passenger vans on the lot until you order one.



And then there was everything else to get prepared to have 4 babies at one time……Lot’s of mental preparation for how my body would have to hold in there and support these 4 miracles, and the mental aspect of having 4 babies in NICU for who knows how long and with potential complications, although we pray over these infants that Gods hands are on them and we have no major complications.  And, to think of everything else to prepare just makes our heads spin.  I mean….just sit and think about it…..what would you think if you had to prepare for 4 infants at one time.  It’s pretty mind-blowing!


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