Our 7 wk Appointment-When we found out about the Quads

My mom was here visiting and we were all excited about going in for our 7 week appt to see the baby and to start getting prepared for this little one.  My mom watched Parker while Trent and I went to get the ball rolling.

I was on the table and Trent sitting while the doctor had a look-see and she just paused….She said Trent come tell me what you see.  Trent stood up and looked at the monitor and just stared….he said he really didn’t know what he was looking at.  And, so then I hear crickets and it seemed like forever, when I finally said…There’s more than one isn’t there!  And this is when my doctor said, yes…there’s 3!    Trent just stood there (in shock I think) and I immediately yelled out THREE!  Then I start to cry and laugh at the same time, I am so thankful and praising God in my head, while I’m cry-laughing.  Then my doctor says, Wait…Wait a minute.  I look at Trent and say what are we going to do!?  He says just hang on…wait…..   And then the Doc says, Okay I see 4 now!  To which I say, FOUR!!!!!  My cry-laughing immediately turned into hysterical crying or laughing or something in between that I can’t quite describe.  I am thanking God in my head and out loud too I’m pretty sure.  I then look to Trent and just say..Trent….what are we going to do with 4!?!?   He is still in the same spot as he was at the beginning,  I’m thinking he is in total body shock.  He calmly says hang on…..(as he always says, he doesn’t get in a tizzy over anything- he’s always saying, hang on …lets take a look at this or hold on just a min let me see.  It could be a copperhead snake coming at us at high-speed and he would just sit there and say hang on just a min, while I’m frantically looking for a hoe, true story actually)  Anyway Trent is just calm and collected as always….although I know his mind was racing and all he saw were $-signs flying out the window!  LOL!  Anyway, all this time my Doc is saying the same thing, hang on….and she said she would be right back.  Maybe she had to check on something….but I think she was stalling and had to figure out what the heck to tell us, haha!   When she came back she said we were her first Quadruplets!  YAY for us!!!!  We then got a game plan together and got prepared to have to go see a specialist in Temple for the babies, etc.  And, we left the room.  Then on down the hall to set up our next appointment.  We get to the counter and my legs are shaking, or rather my whole body is, and I have to lean on the counter just hysterically breathing at this point.  Trent is telling me to pull it together, people are going to think something is wrong.  LOL!  I said I don’t care!!!  I can’t control this right now….we are having Quadruplets!!!


Anyway, we make it out of there and Trent heads to work and I head home where my precious Mom is watching my little Angel.  I could not get home fast enough.   I walk in and immediately grab my sweet Parker and hug her and just lose it…..All I could think about was her and how awesome for her to have 4 new siblings, but I immediately worried about her and how she has been the one and only and the most precious thing in my life.  I certainly have plenty of love to spread for all my children but I worried about Parker.  Anyway, my Mom is wondering what in the world and she says that I am starting to worry her, what is it?   I showed her the ultrasound pic and she said, whoo-hoo there’s 2!  No Mom, look again, she says 3 and I show her the 4 sacs.  Then she starts bawling crying and we have Parker looking at us both like what in the world is the matter with you two.

Then another funny conversation was when I called my Big Sister.  My quivering voice says, well there’s more than 1.  And she starts screaming with excitement!!!  Yay Twins, No….more than that, her tone slows down, 3, nope, and she cries out 4…oh my goodness!   Yep, there’s 4!!!!    We all started brainstorming on them coming to help with the babies and help before hand even with Parker.

So, we had an eventful day that will never ever be forgotten!  I mean….how Extraordinary was this!  God had entrusted us with 4 more precious angels,……I feel so very loved by my heavenly father, it is just overwhelming!

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