Infertile, I’m only going to say it once

After Trent and I were married for a bit and had decided it was time to try for a baby, we found that it just wasn’t happening.  After 18 months of unsuccessfulness, we had the proper tests to make sure we were both able to conceive and it seemed that we were.  So, It was just unexplained why we hadn’t conceived.  Then I was labeled as Infertile, it was unsettling for me.  I did not like that label, and hated seeing it on my paperwork every time I would go in to see my OBGYN.  I truly and honestly never in my heart believed that I was infertile.   God knew the desires of my heart and Trent and I continued to pray for a child of our own if it be his will.    We could have continued on our own for some years, however, my doctor had offered us options to help us conceive and I was no spring chicken (I was 34 when we had Parker and I know that that is not old….I’m just saying that it was time for us and we were ‘of age’ to have a family) and felt like it could be a viable option.  I also would at least feel better about trying, and would never know unless I did try.  So, we consulted with our Pastor and a few family members and decided that we would try science along with prayers to help us conceive.

My doctor recommend IUI – intrauterine insemination.  She said it was the most bang for our buck!  I would take fertility meds to encourage ovulation, and an ultrasound to determine that I did have follicles that could mature and ovulate or be released as an egg.  Then a shot to time the actual ovulation.  At that point Trent and I both go in and they would take his specimen and insert it directly into my uterine cavity via catheter.  The success rate for a female under 35 is about 15% per cycle up to 3 or 4 cycles, then you really don’t increase your rate of success.  After the age of 35 (which I will be 37 when I have my Quads)  my success rate decreases.

So, this is what we did and it worked!  With Parker we had one failed attempt and the 2nd attempt I showed to have 2 mature follicles, and hallelujah, we conceived our precious Parker.

AND…..With our Quads……I wrote about our failed attempts and such, then we tried the one last time……And, the doctor saw 2 mature follicles as well.   WELL…..I guess she missed a few!  LOL!  She is thinking I had 3 slip in there and maybe one egg split on its own.   Or, I might have just had 4 mature eggs slip in there.  Anyhow it happened, and they were all fertilized and they all implanted, and here we go!!!!  QUADRUPLET little Angels!!!

I know we used the help of science and doctors to conceive.   But I tell you that it could have only been God to allow 4 little heartbeats in my tummy!

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