From the Beginning, conceiving the Quads

After Trent and I had Parker, we knew that we wanted another child, God willing.  We began praying for one pretty much as soon as we got settled at home with Parker.  She was so amazing and such an answered Prayer herself, that it was hard or almost seemed selfish to ask for more.  (See the Parker tab on the Menu to learn about our journey of conceiving Parker)   However, we knew God had a plan and we would pray that he’d see it through in our lives as we continued to express the desires of our hearts.   So, after a year and a half, Trent and I decided to try the IUI rounds again.  It worked with Parker and so we, and our doctor, believed that It would work for another baby.  We began a few rounds last Fall.

IMG_4956  We lived in our camper trailer during that time while our barndominium was being built.  That was challenging with an 18 month old!  Now looking back it was an adventure for sure!  Now, back to our first round of IUI, it was interesting and very comedic. I had a time with the meds and wouldn’t you know on the very first round, the very first day…..I dropped one of my pills down into the mud under the camper….REALLY!   Trent had to come with the Tractor and remove our “front porch”  that we had constructed out of a huge pallet that Trent and my brother-in-law made and dig it out of the wet ground!  Well, we had timed everything and I had already purchased the meds, so….down the hatch with the muddy pill.  ….I wonder why we were not successful at conceiving that cycle….LOL!

Anyway…another cylcle came to get started and we did.  Trent and I had already decided and allotted time and funds to try 3 rounds.  So here we go with the 2nd round.  (no muddy pills this time)  and when it came time to start my period…..I didn’t….!  Oh my gosh….took a home test and it was POSITIVE!  The line was very faint but it was there!  We had waited long enough for the meds to be out of my system so it was not a false positive.  Waited a few more days, took another test, and another faint but POSITIVE line!  Prayers were answered!  Our doctor said no need to come in, sounded good and we had scheduled our 7 week appointment.  We decided to wait and surprise family at Parker’s 2nd Birthday Party!  So exciting!   But then on Halloween night we were at our cousin’s beautiful wedding and Parker had gotten sick for some reason so we went to the Hotel early and care for her, Yet I was also feeling sick.  I had a massive migraine, much like the ones I would get when I was about to start my period, so Hormonal migraine I guess…. I wondered and just tried to cope and care for Parker.  Then the next morning I woke and had started bleeding.  It was a miscarriage.  I was only 6 weeks, but it was tough.  I have always been so saddened and heartbroken for others who have had one and not knowing what it had felt like was hard for me to comfort others yet I knew it had to be devastating!  And, yes it was.

Now we were coming into December and my Doctor had told us we could jump right back in and try another round, but I just couldn’t at that point.  I wanted to focus on Parker’s Birthday and on Christmas and such!  And, I did!

In the meantime, Trent was ready to get started again and told me whenever I was ready, let’s do it!   He was prepared to go 3 more rounds in a row!  (which actually increase your chances, to do them in a row, except after 4 rounds are unsuccessful, then your chances don’t get any higher)  Well….I was not really wanting to go 3 months of this.  It’s stressful to time everything, get the meds, and have side effects from the meds.  BUT, a few days after Christmas, I started my period and so the clock starts!  I timed out my meds and we began again!  As I took the meds, even before the procedure, I experienced very very strong side effects this time….like no other time.  I was extremely bloated and even had a pooch belly already.  And after our procedure, it just got worse!  Whew!  I told Trent I cant do this again, I’m done…If it doesn’t happen this time we’ll wait and try on our own for a year or so.   ( see my blog about infertility for the IUI procedure info)

So, the allotted amount of time went by and I didn’t have a period, then another day and no period, then on the 2 week mark….I took a home test.  And WHOO-HOOO!!!  POSITIVE!!! And, this time it was a very DARK pink line!  I immediately knew this time would be okay!  This was going to work!  God had answered our prayers and I was on my knees thanking him! IMG_5667I took a few more test and all very dark……and I also, just for more confirmation, went in and had a blood test.  Of course it was positive as well.  Set up our 7 week appointment and our due date was set for October 3, 2015, and here we go.

Just another funny note about my husband….I had already had the poochy bloated belly from the meds right…well, it just kept getting worse.  I told Trent, what’s going on….my belly is already out there and I’m not doing anything different, I eat the same…granted I eat like a linebacker….but I always have.  I am just really sensitive this time.  And Trent told me one morning,  ” well, maybe you should exercise”    WHAT!?!?  That is just not the best thing to say to your newly pregnant wife, 😉   But actually if you know Trent, that is really to be expected and although he is really the most caring man inside, he is not the one to show much compassion.  Whenever I would have a pain or share with him a sorrow, he in his caring way on the inside would acknowledge my feelings but in the end tell me to just “cowboy up”     HeeHee, he’s so funny.  I know he cares and loves deeply but sometimes I don’t want to just hear “cowboy up”  🙂

Anyway….I was really feeling this pregnancy.  It felt very different from my pregnancy with Parker (which I hear every one can be very different, so I expected it to be)  BUT….In my head I began wondering….TWINS?????


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  1. Roblyn Brown

    By the time the news got to your cousin Clint and me, it was triplets. Last night I searched Your Aunt Donna’s FB page to see if there was an update on you and the triplets…nothing! Then I found you on fb and learned all about the 4 gifts of life you and Trent received on the 6th. Congratulations and prayers they grow healthier.

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